Once, there was a peaceful town of mice. Every year, the geese migrate through and cause a whole mess of things, but then they leave. This time, Mouse Central Intelligence learned that the geese plan to migrate in for KEEPS. So it's up to special agents Minx and Fufu to infiltrate the geese's industrial complex, capture the executive migration orders, and swap them out for the dummy ones that will send them to Antarctica instead.


  • Left and Right to Move
  • Up to press switches and enter unlocked doors.
  • Switch between the two mice.
  • Z
    • Fufu: Roll. Roll into a vent to change floors.
    • Minx: Strike. Strike a box to lift it (press again to put it down). Strike a Goose to daze it for a moment to get past.

Minx is brown and is a toughie. She can lift anything her size, and can knock out a goose in one punch! X to pick up a box she's next to, or to knock out a goose from behind!

Fufu is gray and is nimble, can roll and crawl through small spaces. Use X to roll into the vents or behind a turning goose!

Adorable pixels and core design by Annette.

The levels and ending themes are Puzzle and Travel from Gruber's Pico-8 Tunes Volume 1.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBright Moth Games
Made withPICO-8
TagsCute, LOWREZJAM, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer


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Version 6
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Version 6
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Version 7
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Version 7
Futari Nezumi - Pico-8 36 kB


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I'm sorry, but I keep think that the title is Futanari and not Futari...

The number of folks who find this game this way is a source of unending joy for me. 😅


What a fun to play! I love the retro style


I really love this game! a set of well executed  and clever mechanics paired with incredibly cute characters and art, it’s a gem!

Thank you so much!


Very lovely! Nice, tight level design, simple and elegant.




This is so cute!


Thank you!