A small Pico-8 Motorcycle racing game with procedurally generated tracks. Compete against 7 other racers, but watch out for the cars!

Z/C to drive, X to brake, Arrow keys to steer. Also works with game-pads (even on the web)!


  • Procedurally generated tracks with hills, curves and field objects
  • 3 Different Regions
  • 6 Bike Styles
  • Newly Added Music!

Coming Soon:

  • More/better sound effects
  • More varied parallax backgrounds
  • Smarter racers and cars

Known Bugs:

  • Racers and cars don't collide with eachother
  • Racers that beat the player across the finish line drop out of the race, causing the players position to increase
  • Occasionally a hill won't terminate properly causing a very sudden jump or drop


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Acceler-8 for Windows 940 kB
Version 12
Acceler-8 for Mac 1 MB
Version 17
Acceler-8 for Linux 531 kB
Version 13
Pico-8 Cart 41 kB

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Nice work!

Where can I download the PICO-8 cart?


I plan to release the png cartridge when it gets a little closer to "Done". When I'm happy enough with it to put it up on the BBS,  I'll put it up for download here!


Awesome, thank you!

It's now available! :)


This was a really fun little game. I loved the art style and the general gameplay was good. I would definetly reccommend thius if you're wanting to try something that's like the older and simpler days. 

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it! There's currently a bug, where when the opposing racers cross the line, they drop off of the position tracking, which is what causes your position to go up without passing anyone. 
At high speeds, braking is super important to get through the sharper turns without going off-road (which slows you down!)