Fixin' Bugs And Makin' Noise!

This week we've got some bug fixes, some performance tweaks and some engine noise!

The weird hill-wall bug has been isolated and fixed, now the roads are smoother than ever. Additionally, the bikes sprite responds a bit better to hills now, no longer showing the dramatic changes on shallow grades, and transitioning into them on the steeper grades.

Finally, the purr of the motorcycle returns! Still a bit buggy as I'm still working out the ratios to get them sounding right, but as a first pass, it's not bad! Additionally, the work done this week has freed up a decent number of tokens, so we should be able to get the motor sounds to have gears to match the different acceleration curves.

Sub note: The web player is messing up, at least for me, and failing to load the game on the page. The stand-alone executables continue to work fine, and the web version works great in the Itch app! Will update when we sort out the problem!


Acceler-8 for Windows 1 MB
Version 12 May 26, 2018
Acceler-8 for Mac 4 MB
Version 17 May 26, 2018
Acceler-8 for Linux 594 kB
Version 13 May 26, 2018
Acceler-8 Web Play in browser
Version 16 May 26, 2018

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