Zero to 60 in Nothing Flat


It started as a simple experiment: Use Pico-8 to render a road like in the old 8\16-bit console racers like Road Rash, Lotus Turbo Challenge and Rad Racer. In just over 3 weeks, it's gone from a crappy little motorcycle sprite on a green rectangle, to a slightly less crap motorcycle on a dynamically generated road, with cars, trees, signs barriers, the works.

So where are we now? I'll try and jot down the things I've gotten  implemented so far, in no particular order:

  • Dynamically generate a road from settings with turns, curves, hills and valleys. 
  • Randomly placed scenery objects: trees, rocks, cacti.
  • Turn warning signs and road barriers on the hardest turns
  • Cars and other bike racers on the road to avoid.
  • Basic collisions with scenery and other vehicles
  • Scrolling background
  • Title screen
  • Speed-o-meter
  • Tire skidding on hard/fast corners.
  • A brief, pre-race scene.

Not a bad start, but what's next? I have a whole host of features I'd like to add, and I mean to add them all, or at least, as many as I can fit in the confines of a Pico-8 Cartridge! 

Here's a few of the things I think the game needs in order to be considered done, again in no particular order.

  • Sound effects and music. Need that engine to purr!
  • Better acceleration, deceleration and steering curves.
  • Track race position, both percentage to the goal, and place vs the other racers.
  • Have an actual end race scene, along with results.
    • Add the ability to start again on a new track.
  • A much better race intro.
  • Simple track selection screen.
    • Different regions with  different amounts of cars and other road hazards, hills/curves, lengths, etc...
  • Racers and cars that change lanes and move around each-other.
  • More backgrounds!

And finally, a few pie in the sky hopes that I'd love to put in, but might not actually be able to get to:

  • Prize money.
  • Bike upgrades.
  • Bike/Biker colour customisation.
  • Falling off the bike on hard collisions.
  • Proper back to front rendering of the road,  with road sprites drawn on the segment directly
    • Sprites on hills can sometimes look a lil strange
  • Local multiplayer.
  • Cross streets.
  • Jumps.

Anyway, that's it for now. If you can think of some cool feature that I didn't, let me know!


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May 01, 2018

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